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I am currently working as a DB Consultant with Ashnik. We are into Open Source and Cloud based enterprise class solutions. Prior to this I was working as a DBA @ Misys India (Banking Services). Working on IBM DB2, Oracle Microsoft SQL Server. Selected as IBM Champion for Data Management 2011. I like bit of photography, cycling, poetry and I just love gadgets!!

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My Experience @ DB2 Has Talent: DB Design Basics

Hi people, I recently participated in DB2 has talent and it is still going on [now am out of it :( ]...
Make a point to register for rest of the episodes of this, I assure you of great DB2 tips...
I will be sharing my first presentation for the show!!! Which was about "db physical design"... I will avoid putting much text here, as this is more or less based on my blog series "Optimize your Tablespaces and Bufferpools"... You can check them here

Optimize your Tablespaces and Bufferpools-1: Tablespace Design design

Optimize your Tablespaces and Bufferpools-2: Tablespace Sizing

Optimize your Tablespaces and Bufferpools-3: Bufferpool Optimization

I could not complete the presentation for obvious reasons (it was a bad choice, a topic you have yourselves spread over 3 blogs)... Additionally there were too many typos (which I do quite often in my blogs as well)... You can read Susan's blog to get more specific presentation tips!!! I will share the slides I had used for presentation...